Splashy Fish Cheats & Hacks

Are you having trouble getting past three points in Splashy Fish? Need to show a friend of yours who’s the best? Or maybe you just want to relax and experience all the game has to offer. With these Splashy Fish cheats, hacks, and tips, you can easily improve your game and put everyone else in their place, or just settle down for a night of wine and pixellated seafood.

iOS Hack Without Jailbreak

1. The first thing you need to do is download iExplorer (or iFunbox). Don’t worry, it’s a safe and credible program that lets you manage all of your apple devices in a much smoother and simpler way than iTunes does.

2. Once the program is installed, plug your apple device into your computer, and make sure that it connects with your iTunes.  iExplorer uses the iTunes interface to connect with all of the files on your device.

3. Once iExplorer recognizes your device , go to Apps>Splashy Fish>Library>Preferences>Click the second option>Click Quick Look

4. Open the page in Notepad (PC) or Xcode (Mac)

5. Look for “<key>bestScore</key>”. Underneath find “<real>[a number]</real>”. Change this number to whatever high score you want!

6. Now go to “<key>fishLevel</key>”. Under that is “<integer>[a number]</integer>”. Make the fish level 5 to fully customize your fish, but don’t make it any larger than that! The fish will reset back to 1 if you make the number too big.

7. Save and quit.

8. Check to make sure you that your fish is customized and your score is where you want it to be. If not, try restarting the app.

That’s it! Now go and impress your friends!

iOS Hack With Jailbreak

Splashy Fish Jailbreak

  1. First, make sure your iPhone is jailbroken and that you have Cydia.
  2. Install and open iFile.
  3. Go to Splashy Fish in the navigation folder.
  4. Go to Library, then Preferences, and then open the file that ends with “splashyfish.plist” and tap on “Text Viewer.”
  5. Scroll down to where it says bestScore and beneath that where it says the score number, just enter in your desired score.
  6. You’re done! Remember, if you’re trying to show off to your friends, it’s better to enter a realistic number, not just “999.”

Splashy Fish Hack: 8-Bit Sounds

The built in sound-effects are already great in Splashy Fish, but if you’re looking for something more old-school, there’s a special Splashy Fish hack that will retro-ify all the sound effects into 8-bit bleeps and bloops. All it takes is a few taps! Here’s how to do it:

  • Play the game normally and listen for the original sound effects.
  • To change the SFX to 8-bit, tap with three fingers on the screen at the same time. Just tap once!
  • Play some more and listen for the change to 8-bit style sounds!
  • To change the sound effects back to normal, just tap again with three fingers and you’re good to go!
  • You can change the sound effects back and forth as often as you like. Have fun!

Upgrade Your Splashy Fish!

Use these Splashy Fish tips to upgrade your fish with the best loadout! The trophies in this game don’t actually do much to improve your score or leaderboard position, but they do give you a good reason to score your first 50 points. And, of course, they make your fish look cool! Here’s how you get them all.

Golden Wing

Once you make it to ten points, you’ll find the legendary Golden Wing! Collect this is from now on you’ll have a golden wing (read: fin?) to make even bigger splashes.

King of the Ocean Crown

There’s plenty of pirate booty under the sea, and the King of the Ocean Crown proves you’re the best plunderer. This is available once you score 20 points in Splashy Fish.

Shining Beak

Get yourself a new grill! And we’re not talking about the propane kind you bought at Wal-Mart to cook up some tilapia, we’re talking about a whole new set of chompers. The Shining Beak is available at 30 points and gives you a glowing beak (read: lips? Do fish have lips? Or a beak?). Just don’t be so mesmerized that you forget to keep tapping.

Dark Knight Suite

We think they mean Dark Knight “Suit,” because the Dark Knight Suite does not include a bed or complimentary breakfast. This is available at 40 points and turns your fish black, just like our favorite caped superhero. Now, your fish is ready to fight the Penguin.

Rockstar Glasses

Rock it hardcore with some new glasses. The last Splashy Fish upgrade is available when you get to fifty points, and to prove how cool you are you get these new shades. You’ve come a long, pupil, and if you’ve made it this far you can surely make it to 100 and beyond. Good luck, and if you need more help, check out our other Splashy Fish cheats, hacks and tips!

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